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An Insight into Aloneness, Loneliness, Love

Today the combination of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04, VLC 1.1.3 (just release), Google Chrome 5.0.375.127 and a audio discourse which will be mentioned at the end has resulted to this post. This enlightened master has a new dimension on Aloneness, Loneliness, Love and Marriage. So, what actually is Aloneness and Loneliness. Let's begin our odyssey then,

This is extract from a Discourse.
Question: Why do I cling to this habit of escaping aloneness?
The discourse: Amrito(questioner), Aloneness is ultimate. There is no way to be anything else than alone. Hence after each profound experience, we will feel alone. After a great love experience you'll feel alone after a deep meditation you'll feel alone. Thats why all great experiences make people sad in the weight of a profound experience sadness always settles, its because of this phenomenon millions of people don't hanker after profound experiences they avoid, they don't want to go deep in love, sex is enough, because sex is superficial, it will not leave them alone. It will be a fun and entertainment, for a moment they'll enjoy it and then they will forget all about it. It will not bring them to their own center but love brings. Love is so profound that it leads you alone, this look very paradoxical because ordinarily people think love will make you aware of togetherness, that is utter nonsense, if love is deep it will make you aware of aloneness not togetherness because whenever anything goes deep what happens?, you leave the periphery of your being and you fall into your center and the center is all alone there only you are, are not even you but only a consciousness with no ego in it, with no identity in it, with no definition in it. An abyss of consciousness. 

Aloneness is not creating sadness, your idea that you should not be alone, that is creating sadness, your idea that to be alone is to be sad is creating the problem. Aloneness is utterly beautiful because it is profoundly free, absolute freedom it is how it can create sadness but your interpretation is wrong Amrito, you'll have to drop your interpretation, in fact when you say I face new aloneness, you really mean you face new loneliness and you've not seen the distinction between Aloneness and Loneliness. Aloneness misinterpreted looks like loneliness, loneliness means you are missing the other and who is the other? Any excuse that helps to drown your consciousness, an intoxicant, may be a woman, a man, a book, anything, anything that helps you to forget yourself that takes away your self remembrance that unburdens you from your awareness. You mean loneliness really, loneliness is a negative state the other is missed and you start searching and seeking for the other. Aloneness is immensely beautiful, aloneness means a moment when the other is no more needed you are enough onto yourself. So enough that you can say your aloneness to the whole existence so inexhaustible is your aloneness, you can pour it onto the  whole existence and it will still remain there you are rich when you are alone you are poor when you feel lonely. The lonely person is a beggar his heart is a begging bowl the alone person is an emperor, Buddha is alone
It is in this aloneness, you will find yourself and to find oneself is to find god. God is alone and once you have looked into it without the mind interfering, you'll not want to be distracted at all. Then there is nothing to distract and there is no need to be distracted. Then you would not like to escape from it because it is life, it is eternal life. You'll be able to relate and lonely person cannot relate because he need so much, he clings, he links upon the other, he tries to posses the other because he is constantly afraid, if the other goes then what? I'll be left lonely again. 
Hence so much possession exists in the world. It has the reason, the reason is simple you are afraid if the other leaves, then you'll be left alone, utterly lonely and you don't like that and you'll feel miserable even with the idea of it. Posses the other, possess the other so totally that there is no possibility of the other escaping from you and other is also doing the same to you. The other is trying to possess you. Hence love becomes a miserable thing, love becomes a politics, love becomes domination, exploitation. It is because lonely people cannot love, lonely people have nothing to give, lonely people exploit each other and naturally when you have nothing to give and other starts exploiting, you feel offended. You want to exploit the other and not be exploited, thats where politics enters in. You want to give as less as possible and to get as more as possible and other is doing the same to you. And both are creating misery for each other. 
Consider the following story
A man stopped his car deep down into the woods, and started being very loving to the woman who was sitting by side but the woman said stop!, you don't know really who am I? I am a prostitute and my fee 50$. The man gave 50$ to the woman, made love to her. When it was finished he sat silently on the steering wheel without moving. The woman asked, now why are you waiting here? It is getting late and I want to go back home. And the man said, sorry but I must tell you I'm a taxi driver. And the fare back is 50$. This is what is happening in your love relationship, somebody is a prostitute, somebody is a taxi driver, it is a bargain, it is tit for tat, it is continuous conflict that's why couples are continuously fighting, they cannot leave each other although they go on fighting, they cannot leave in fact that's why they are fighting so that nobody can leave. They cannot be at each because if they are at each then they will be at last and the other will exploit more. Once you see the point you'll understand the whole misery of marriage, the whole foundation of it is there. One wonders why people don't leave each other if they are not happy with each other. They cannot leave, they cannot live together they cannot separate either. In fact the very idea of separation is creating the conflict, they cripple each other so the other cannot escape even if s/he wants to escape. The burden with each other with such responsibilities, such moralities, that even if the other leaves, s/he will feel guilty, his own conscience will hurt will pinch him that he has done something wrong and together all that they do is to fight. Together all they do is continuous haggling for the price. It is a market place your marriage, your so called love, it is not love. Out of loneliness there is no possibility of love, out of loneliness people start meditating, out of loneliness there is no possibility of meditation either, they are feeling lonely and they want something to struck them with. They would need a mantra, TM (transcendental meditation) or all that kind of nonsense they would like something to struck them because they are feeling empty and lonely repeating 'RAM' 'RAM' 'KRISHNA' 'KRISHNA' or 'MARIA'  or anything that will help them to at least  forget themselves, this is not meditation, this is just covering up loneliness, emptiness, this is just covering up a black holes in yourself. Or they start praying into the churches and in the temples, and they start talking to god, now god is there, imagination, they cannot find the other in the world, because it is too costly to find the other in the world, and it take so much trouble so now they create the other that are there in heaven. They start talking to god but they cannot live without the other, the other has to be there, they may escape into the desert, but even in the desert cave they will be looking at the sky and talking to the other, this is fantasy and nothing else. And if you go on talking for long you may start hallucinating that the other is. Your need is such that you can create the other through imagination that's why the so called religions have tried you to take you away from the ordinary available others. They would like you not to get married, why? because if you are married and you have a woman, a man you don't need a god. It is the strategy, they would not allow you to be in the market place because then there you are occupied and you'll not feel your loneliness then why you should talk to god, you can talk to people. They would take you to the Himalaya kings, to the Monasteries so that you are left so lonely that out of the misery of loneliness you have to talk to god, you have to create a god to your heart's content and then the deeper is your starvation of other more is the possibility of visions of god. Those visions are nothing but illusions, dreams seen with open eyes. It is like if a person is put on a long fast he may start imagining food, he may start seeing food. 
To be continued......
[written while listening to the audio Discourse by Osho, The secret of secrets, volume II, Talks on the secrets of  golden flower, discourse no. 6]

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