Saturday, September 4, 2010

Apache RTR 160 An innovative Racing Experience

Let's begin with the fact that's being popular in Nepal. The fact is छोरा बिग्रियो पल्सर लए, छोरि बिग्रियो फैएसबुकलए  "Chora bigriyo 'Pulsar' le, Chori bigriyo 'Facebook' le". The english translation goes like this: "Son retrogrades due to 'Pulsar' while Daughter retrogrades due to 'Facebook'."First of all I'm not anti of Pulsar but 'Apache RTR 160' is different and thats why it drew my attention and I love this bike. The above proverb/fact came into my mind when I was choosing to buy my new bike. Since my desire, my third eye was targeted into this bike since the day I first saw it a year ago, I never changed my mind.
After the test ride I was perfectly sure to get the bike I like the most and finally I got this chance on 26th of August, 2010. 
So, following are the specifications and features of TVS 'Apache RTR 160'.
1. First of all RTR stands for Racing Throttle Response. Apache RTR comes in 2 variants a) Apache RTR 160 and b) Apache RTR 180 and even deeper it comes in another two variants i.e. FI (Fuel Injection) system and Carburetor system. If you buy Apache, make sure you opt for the one with Carburetor seriously since FI system is not good for Nepal. Apache is manufactured by TVS (a.k.a Trichur Vengaruswamy Sundaram)
2. Adjustable Clip ons -------------->
    160cc 15.2 bhp short stroke over square engine, 
    Apache RTR 160 also comes with rear disc brake also 
    but I do not opted for rear disc brake.
3. Digital Speedo Console with Service Due Reminder, Clock and Dual Tripmeter.

4. LED (Light Emitting Diode) Tail Lamps and Split Grab Rails

5. 270mm Rotor Petal Disc Brake
6. Poly Shocks
7. Sporty Brake Lever
8. Racing Stripes
9. Engine Fairing
10. Titanium Black Engine

I think Bajaj and TVS should pay me since i'm directly or indirectly promoting their brands, just kidding. Hope you enjoy this post.
I'm in love with Apache............ my official/personal bike.

Have a innovative racing experience with Apache..........
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