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Intelligence, Beyond Modern Education

What actually is Intelligence? Well, I'm not talking about forensic intelligence. In this post we'll dive deep into the true meaning of Intelligence. So, let's begin our odyssey(odyssey means a journey full of new knowledge and experiences).
This of course is from a discourse, but this time I'm not telling who has written it because the religion, culture and our belief systems come into play when we know the name of the person who has given it. This is universal and should be read by all people no matter which religion you follow, whether you are atheist or not.

The discourse begins as below:
One who wanted to become a Carpenter have become a Doctor, one who wanted to become Doctor have become a Carpenter. Everybody is in somebody else's place hence so much unintelligence. Everybody is doing somebody else's job. Once you start seeing it, you'll feel why people are behaving unintelligently. In eastern we have been meditating deeply and we have found one word 'SWODHARMA' 'स्वधर्म' (i.e. self-nature) that carries the greater implication for a future world.

Bhagwan Krishna has said (in sanskrit) "SWODHARME NIDHANAM SHREYA:", it is good to die on your own self nature following your self nature. "PARADHARMO BHAYABHAYA:", somebody else's nature is very dangerous. Don't become IMITATORS, just be yourself. Man has lost completely his vision of his own reality. The ZEN people says "seek out what is your original face". If you don't know who you are, you'll be always in some accident, always, your life will be a long series of accidents and whatsoever happens will never be satisfying. Discontent will be the only taste of your life. You can watch it around why so many people look so dull, bored, just some how passing days. Passing tremendously valuable time which they'll not be able to recover, and passing with such dullness, only waiting for death, as if. 

What has happened to so many people why they don't have the same freshness as the trees why man does not have the same song as the birds. What has happened to man. One thing has happened, man has been imitating. Man has been trying to become somebody else. Nobody is at his own home, everybody is knocking at somebody else's door, hence discontence, dullness, boredom, anguish. An intelligent person will try just to be himself whatsoever the cost. An intelligent person will never copy, will never imitate. he'll never parrot, an intelligent person will listen to his own intrinsic call, he'll feel his own being and move accordingly whatsoever the risk. There is risk when you copy other's there is less risk, when you don't copy you are alone, there is risk but life happens only to those who live dangerously. Life happens only to those who are adventurous, who are courageous. Almost dare devils, only to them life happens, life does not happen to lukewarm people. An intelligent person trusts himself. His trust is absolute about himself. How can you trust anybody else if you cannot trust even yourself. 

"Intelligence is trust into your own being." Intelligence is adventure, thrill, joy. Intelligence is to live in this moment, not to hanker for the future. Intelligence is not to think of past and not to bother about future. Past is no more, future is not yet. Intelligence is to make the uttermost use of the present moment that is available, the future will come out of it, if this moment has been lived in delight and joy the next moment will be going to born out of it, it will be more joy naturally. There is no need to bother about it. If my today has been golden, my tomorrow will be even more golden. It will grow out of today. If my this life has been a benediction(full of blessings), my next life will be a higher benediction. From where it can come? It will grow out of me, out of my lived experiences, so intelligent person is not concerned about heaven and hell, is not concerned about afterlife, is not concerned even about god, is not concerned even about soul. An intelligent person simply lives intelligently and god and soul and heaven and nirvana they all follow naturally. (this is what we need to understand). 

You live in belief, belief is unintelligent. Live through knowing, knowing is intelligence. Intelligence is meditation. Unintelligent people also meditate but certainly they meditate in unintelligent way. They think that you have to go to the Church every Sunday and for one hour, that is given to religion. This is an unintelligent way to be related to religion. What Church has to do with it?, your real life is in 6 days, Sunday is not your real day. You'll live non-religiously 6 days and just for one hour or two hour you go to the Church. Whom you are trying to deceive?, Trying to deceive god that you are a Church goer. Or if you try a little hard, then every day 20 minute morning, 20 evening you do TM (Transcendental Meditation). You sit with closed eyes and you repeat in a very stupid way a mantra, 'OM! OM! OM!', which dulls the mind even more. To repeat a mantra mechanically takes your intelligence away, it does not give you intelligence. It is like a lullaby, the mother had known down the centuries. 
Whenever a child is restless and does not want to go to sleep, the mother comes and sings a lullaby. The child feels bored and the child cannot escape where to go, the mother is holding him on the bed. So, the only way to escape is in asleep. He goes to sleep, he simply surrenders, he says it is foolish to be awake now because she is doing such a boring thing, just a single line she goes on repeating. There are stories, mother's tell, grand mother's tell to children when they don't go to sleep. If you have looked into these stories, you'll find a certain pattern of constant repetition. Just the other day I was reading a story, A grand mother is telling to a small child, who does not want to go to asleep because he does not feel like sleeping right now. His intelligence says that he is perfectly awake but the grand mother is forcing him. She has other things to do, the child is not important. Children are very much puzzled, things look very absurd when they want to sleep in the morning, everybody wants to pull them up, when they don't want to go to asleep everybody is forcing them to asleep. They become very puzzled what is the matter with these people. When the sleep comes, good, that is intelligence. When it is not coming, it is perfectly good to be awake, so this old mother is telling a story. The child remain in twisted but by and by any intelligent child will feel bored, only a stupid child will not feel bored. 
The story is about a man who went to asleep and dreamt that he was standing before a great palace and in the palace there are 1001 rooms, so he goes from one room to another, 1000 rooms and then he reaches to the last room and there is a beautiful bed so he falls on the bed and then falls asleep and dreams that he was standing on a door of a big palace which has 1001 rooms so he goes 1000 rooms then he reaches the 1001th room again there is a beautiful bed so he goes to asleep and dreams that he was standing before a palace, this way it goes. So, how long the child can remain alert? Just out of sheer boredom child falls asleep he says now be finished. A mantra does the same, you repeat "RAM, RAM, OM, OM, PRABHU, PRABHU, ALLAH, ALLAH" or anything, you go on repeating, go on repeating. Now you are doing two jobs the grand mother's and the child's both. Your intelligence is like the child and your learning of the mantra is like the grand mother. The child tries to stop you, gets interested into other things; things of beautiful things, beautiful women, beautiful scenes, but you catch hold of him right handed and bring him again to  'OM, OM, OM' by and by your inner child feels it is futile to struggle, the inner child goes to asleep. (that's why Buddha said, "You are all buddhas, there is nothing you need to achieve, just open your eyes.", he was absolutely right) Yes, mantra can give you a certain asleep, it is a auto hypnotic asleep, nothing wrong if sleep is difficult to you, if you suffer from insomnia it is good but it has nothing to do with spirituality. It is a very unintelligent way to meditate. Then what is the intelligent way to meditate? Intelligent way is to bring intelligence into everything that you do, walking walk intelligently with awareness, eating eat intelligently with awareness. Do you remember ever eating intelligently? Ever thinking what you are eating? Is it nutritious? Does it have any nourishment value? or you are just stuffing without any nourishment. Have you ever watched what you do you go on smoking. Then intelligence is needed what you are doing. Just taking smoke in and throwing out and mean while destroying your lungs. And what you are really doing? wasting money, wasting health. Bring intelligence while you are smoking, while you are eating. Bring intelligence and you go make love to your woman or your man. What are you doing? Have you really any love? Sometime you make love out of habit, than it is ugly, than it is immoral, love has to be very conscious, only then it becomes prayer. While making love to your woman, what exactly you are doing? Using the woman's body? Just to throw some energy that has become too much to you or you are paying respect. You are loving to the woman you have some reverence for the woman, I don't see. Husband's don't respect their wives, they use, wives use their husbands they don't respect. If out of love, reverence does not arise then somewhere intelligence is missing otherwise you'll feel tremendously grateful to the other and your love making will become a great meditation. Intelligence has to spread all over your life it is not a Sunday thing and you cannot do it for 20 minutes and then forget about it. Intelligence has to be just like breathing, whatsoever you are doing small, big whatsoever. Cleaning the floor?, you can do it intelligently or un-intelligently and you know when you do it un-intelligently there is no joy. You are doing a duty, carrying it somehow. 
If you are doing something just like a duty, you don't love, you don't love it and you are doing just as a duty, sooner or later you'll caught into it and you'll be at a difficulty of how to get rid of it. Just watch in your 24 hours day, how many thing you are doing just found that don't drive you any pleasure. You don't grow out of them. In fact you want to get rid of them. If you are doing too many things in your life which really you want to get rid of, you are living un-intelligently. 

A intelligent person will make his life in such a way, it will have a poetry of spontaneity, of love, of joy. It is your life, and if you are not kind enough to yourself, who is going to be kind enough to you. If you are wasting it, it is nobody else's responsibility. I teach you to be responsible towards yourself, that is your first responsibility everything else comes next. Everything else, even god comes next because he can come only when you are. You are the very center of your world, your existence. So, be intelligent. Bring the quality of intelligence, and the more you become intelligent, the more capable you'll become of bringing more intelligence in your life. Each single moment can become so luminous with intelligence then there is no need for any Religion, no need to Meditate, no need to go to the Church, no need to go to any Temple, no need for any thing extra. Life in its intrinsicness is intelligent. You just live totally, harmoniously in awareness and everything follows beautifully. A life of celebration follows, the luminousness of intelligence. 

This is from a discourse of 20 minutes and took almost 3 hrs. to write since some of the words pronunciation is confusing and have to look its meaning. 
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