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Anitya, The Impermanence

I am and have always been inspired by the music of Enigma. Eight years back on 30th November  2002 I myself had bought the 3rd album by Enigma "LE ROI EST MORT, VIVE LE ROI!" The lyrics of Enigma songs always fascinates because it presents greater dimension of knowledge and understanding beyond normal ideas. I used to study in grade IX that time, I still remember the lyrics of the first track of the album. "Things are changing, but nothing changes and still there are changes." From my own analysis and knowledge I come to realize the meaning of that lyrics is none other than "Impermanence" ("Anitya/अनित्य" in Sanskrit), which means nothing is permanent. 

The entire creation is energy, what we call soul is also the energy better understood by consciousness. Everything in universe is changing continuously because change is the nature/religion of the universe. In science we know energy can only be transformed from one form into another, it can neither be created nor destroyed. Consciousness always changes, our Earth is changing, our Sun is changing and the entire universe is changing. Soul is the energy which is never born, never created so it will never die. Everything that is born will die; that's nature. including the Sun, the Earth, planets, stars. because they are born and one day will end. 
There's one great teaching from 2:22 section of Srimad Bhagavad Gita "As a man casts off worn-out cloths, and puts on others that are new, So, the embodied casts off worn-out bodies, and enters into others that are new." This means as we change our worn-out clothes so does the soul changes the worn-out bodies.

Here, we must understand that nothing on this universe is permanent. What we see, feel, smell, hear is also impermanent. One of the greatest misery in life for all is sadness. One must understand that everything changes because that's the nature of existence. When we are sad, remember that sadness won't last forever so we must not try to escape from it but just witness as it comes and goes. Likewise when we are in happy mood even it won't last forever so don't get attached to it, don't cling to it just flow with the rhythms of life. To get attached, to cling to happiness and to try to escape sadness is none other than our mind, so it is often called mind can't be enlightened, it is what keeps us from enlightenment. "Pleasure has pain, happiness has unhappiness, but bliss has nothing as a counterpart; it is an organic whole." ~Osho.

Enigma III
"Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!"
 Life is like a water of continuous flowing stream, no one can stop it. But most of us try to stop that water. Whenever we feel happy in life we want to control and stop that moment (and this is attachment). So, we fail. When we feel sad we want to immediately get rid of it. So, whether it is happy moment or sad, life is like flowing water of stream it continuously flows without any effort. If your days of sadness and misery are running don't worry it won't last forever and vice versa. So, just celebrate each and every moment of life unconditionally cause life is celebration.

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Beyond the invisible (infinity)
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment."

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