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Authentic Religion (Dharma) and Religious Tradition (Sampradaya)

["Religious is the very nature of our soul, We need to be religious not by being Christian but by being Christ, not by being Buddhist but by being Buddha."]
If Blogger management team are rigidly religiously superstitious then definitely my blog might be closed but if they are also the seeker of the Truth then they might consider the contents of this blog because what I'm writing here is from the an audio discourse by Osho who's title is given at the end of this post. If you have ever heard the discourse of 'Mr. S.N. Goenka' regarding 'Vipasanna Meditation' then you'll know the difference between the word 'Dharma [धर्म ]' and 'Sampradaya'. What we call Dharma is the real religion and what we call Sampradaya is just Religious Tradition. When we talk about Hinduism, Muslim, Christianism, Buddhism we are actually talking about Sampradaya they are not Religion what we actually mean. How can it mean Religion because the real meaning of the word Religion is 'nature'. 

i.e. the nature of fire is to be burn and to burn. So, we can say that the 'to burn and to be burn'is the religion of fire. [carefully consider this truth, after all truth is religion.] ["When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion".~Abraham Lincoln, that's his nature, so he used the word religion there.] There cannot be any other truth beyond 'meditation'. It is not accident that the word 'medicine' and 'meditation' has been derived from the same roots; where medicine is for physical body and meditation is for the soul. The hypothesis of GOD has made almost all of us to live a very normal life so normally that we even don't bother to think if what we are being said and taught are even true. This discourse has so many shocking truths that if you are not open minded please do not proceed............. I know only one thing; that is to be natural, that's my religion.

The discourse continues as follows:

It is almost like light. Your room is dark, just bring light in. Even a small candle will do, and the
whole darkness disappears. And once you have a candle you know where the door is. You don't have to think about it: "Where is the door?" Only blind people think about where the door is. People who have eyes and the light is there, they don't think. Have you ever thought, "Where is the door?" You simply get up and go out. You never give a single thought to where the door is. You don't start groping for the door or hitting your head against the wall. You simply see, and there is not even a flicker of thought. You simply go out. 
Exactly the same is the situation when you are beyond mind. When there are no clouds and the sun is bright in the sky, you don't have to think, "Where is the sun?" When there are clouds covering the sun, you have to think about it.
Your own being is covered with thoughts, emotions, feelings, and they are all mind-products. Just put them aside, and then whatever you do is good -- not that you follow certain scriptures, not that you follow certain commandments, not that you follow certain spiritual leaders. You are in your own right the guide of your life. And that is the dignity of man, to be the guide of his own life. That makes man a lion, transforms him from a sheep which is always looking for somebody else to defend it. 
But this is not only your problem, this is the problem of almost the whole of humanity. You have been programmed by others as to what is right and what is wrong.

So when there is no God, there is no holy scripture and there is no son of God like Jesus Christ to save you, and there is no meaning in the pope who represents Jesus Christ who is the son of God who does not exist! Can you be a son of someone who does not exist? To be a son of someone who does not exist simply means you are a crackpot -- and the pope is representing the crackpot, Jesus Christ. And he goes on saying that he is infallible.
And each pope has contradicted other popes. In these twenty centuries there have been many instances when one pope acted in a certain way and another pope demolished that and changed the rule. Both cannot be right. Both cannot be infallible. Both can be fallible, but both cannot be infallible, one has to be fallible. But if one pope is fallible, then what is the guarantee that other popes will not be fallible?
And the pope is elected. Do you elect a buddha? By election you decide who is a buddha? Then your politicians will become buddhas, and your buddhas will not have any votes, because your buddhas will not go begging for votes. A buddha is unconcerned whether you think him a buddha or not.
The pope is elected. And you will be surprised to know that even Jesus Christ, three hundred years after his death, was elected as a divine being by a conference under the Emperor Constantine. The conference is known as the Niscene Council. It was by election, by voting, that it was decided that Jesus is holy.
You cannot decide by election that Jesus is holy. You cannot decide by election whether Albert Einstein is right or wrong -- by election, by people who don't know any mathematics, who don't know any physics. People who don't have any experience of the holy are voting for or against Jesus, whether he is holy or not. After three hundred years, people who have not known Jesus and people who have no idea and no experience of holiness, they are deciding by election! It was just because of the power of Emperor Constantine; he forced people to vote for Jesus Christ as a holy man. Because they could not go against the emperor, they had to vote. And then the second thing he wanted them to vote on was: although Jesus Christ was holy and was a messiah, he failed in his mission. "I am the real messiah." Constantine said to the conference, "You now vote for me. I am the real messiah and a successful one." He turned the whole Roman empire to Christianity. That's why the Vatican exists in Italy. Italy's old name was the Roman Empire, and under Constantine the whole of the Roman empire was converted to Christianity. Of course he was far more successful than Jesus.
You can't think Jesus was a success. He was crucified, poor fellow. Do you call this success?
Crucifixion? On either side two criminals... even they were laughing. They were crucified, but they had committed crimes so there was no question; they knew that this was absolutely justified.
And Jesus told those two... first, to one he said, "Don't be worried, you will be coming with me to paradise. And I am the son of God so I will help you to enter into paradise." Then he told the other, and both started laughing. They said, "You cannot save yourself! And you are not a criminal, we know. You have not committed any crime, and you are being crucified. You cannot save yourself and you are promising us that you will save us?" But Constantine forced the council of Niscene to accept him as the real messiah -- and certainly Constantine was successful; he converted the whole of the Roman empire to Christianity.
Jesus had only twelve apostles, uneducated, carpenters, fishermen, uncultured -- not a single rabbi, not a single learned man was ever his follower. No educated, no cultured people ever gathered around him.
But the viceroy of the Roman empire -- Judea was under the Roman empire -- Pontius Pilate, heard about him from his wife. Just by chance she was passing when Jesus was preaching to a crowd, so she stopped her chariot. From her chariot she heard Jesus and she loved what he was saying. Those sayings were beautiful. She told her husband, "This man has something, some quality. I have never heard any man speaking with such authority, such beautiful sayings. And he is uneducated and very young," -- he was only thirty years at that time. By thirty-three he was crucified. So Pontius Pilate could not go as a viceroy to listen to him, but in disguise as a soldier he just passed that way and stood under a tree far away, listening to what this man was saying. And his wife was right. Pilate was a very educated man, but he had never heard anybody speaking with such authority; such beautiful words from an uneducated man! So he was very favorable to Jesus and wanted somehow to save him from crucifixion, but the Jews were too much against him -- not that he had committed any crime, but because he was claiming something which the Jews could not accept. 

He was claiming, "I am your last prophet for whom you have been waiting for centuries. I have come."
And he was a carpenter's son, and there was even a difficulty believing that he was his own father's son, because he was born just four months after the marriage. That is how the whole story begins about the Virgin Mary and the Holy Ghost. The whole thing was that the girl was already pregnant when she married Joseph the carpenter. It was not the Holy Ghost, it was some unholy neighbor. And he was not God's son; he was not even the son of his own father! But if you tell the truth, if you call him "the bastard" then Christians are going to be hurt in their religious feelings. And I am simply telling the truth! They have to prove where the Holy Ghost is, and what is the logic behind calling him holy if he is raping virgin girls? But people feel hurt because they don't know what authentic religiousness is. You are living with ideas, borrowed, so when God is no longer there, Jesus is no longer there, popes are no longer there, who is going to guide you?

If God is not there, then all your Hindu incarnations of God are phony. When God himself is not there, how can he be incarnated in Krishna, in Ram...?

These are just arch-egoists proclaiming something which they cannot prove. Not a single incarnation of God has been able to prove on what grounds he is calling himself an incarnation. Self-styled, so-called incarnations of God, self-styled prophets and messiahs, they have all created your morality, your religion, and you have been depending on them. And you think from these people can come the truth? Truth can only arise within you. Nobody else can give it to you. And with truth comes beauty, followed by good. This is the authentic trinity of a truly religious man: truth, beauty, good. These three experiences happen when you enter into your own subjectivity, when you explore the interiority of your being. You have been living in the porch outside your being; you have never gone in. Once you go in you will find your buddha, your awareness, your choiceless consciousness. Then you don't have to decide what is good and what is wrong. That choiceless consciousness takes you towards the good without any effort. It is effortless. And because it is effortless it brings you great joy. When there is effort... have you ever thought about it? Effort simply means repression. 
Otherwise there is no need of any effort. Do you make
any effort to feel hungry? Or do you make any effort to feel thirsty? When you are thirsty you know you are thirsty, when you are hungry you know you are hungry. But you have to make an effort to be celibate. All efforts are futile, against nature. I declare unto you there has never been a single man who was celibate, unless he was impotent. But the impotents don't count.
I say it on the grounds that nobody can go against nature. Those who try to go against nature have to make an effort. All effort is against nature, and all relaxation is in tune with nature. To be in tune is to be religious, to be in tune with the universe. And you don't have to look for any guide. That very tuning turns you into a beautiful flower, fragrant. It is not an effort on your part, it is simply a natural growth.

But all your religions are against nature. It is very strange -- and you have never thought about it -- but all these religions say God created nature. Yet, if God created nature, then to be against nature means to be against God. It is such a simple argument, it does not need much intelligence. If God has created existence, then to be in tune with existence is the only way of being religious -- to be in tune with God's existence. 
But, strangely, all religions teach you to be against nature. Fast! But fasting is not natural. Perhaps once in a while, but that too is needed only if you have been unnatural with your stomach. If you have been stuffing unnecessary things in your stomach, once in a while you may need to fast. But if you have been natural, eating only that amount which is needed by your body -- not a single thing more -- you will never need to fast in your whole life. 
All religions teach you not to sleep for eight hours, which is natural. They are teaching you to cut
your sleep. Saints sleep only three hours, two hours; the greater the saint, the less the sleep.

Source: Audio Discourse: "God is dead. Now Zen is the only Living Truth (God is the business of the priest)"


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