Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SOLITUDE is priceless...try it!

SOLITUDE is priceless...try it!

Solitude provides opportunity to rediscover our lives.

Though many equate time spent in private with isolation, the two are only minimally related. Whereas isolation implies loneliness, willing solitude is
a unique PLEASURE we choose to pursue.

By ”electing to intentionally withdraw from human relationships for a period of time,” we are able to remove the shaping influence of others and recenter our hearts on our deepest values. We are able to evaluate the assumptions, claims, and messages of our culture. Often times, we realize that these shaping forces have been incorrect all along. And we have lost our lives because of them.

Consider that when we embrace solitude…

We intentionally remove the influence of others for period of time.
We intentionally remove the expectations of others.
We are able to hear our own heart speak.
We find rest and refreshment.
We discover that others can live without us.
We find that the world does not rest on our shoulders.
We can adequately reflect on our past and chart our future.
We break the cycle of busyness in our lives.
We become better equipped to show patience with others.
We feed our souls.

While anyone can practice solitude at any given time by just finding a quiet place to sit for an extended period of time, consider these tips to be helpful in developing a discipline of concentrated solitude:

~ Give yourself enough time.
~ Schedule time.
~ Find a calm location.
~ Take as little as possible with you.
~ Just allow your mind to wander.
~ Don’t quit just because you don’t like what you find.
~ Don’t worry if you fall asleep.
~ Pray if you are spiritual

Give solitude a chance. You've got nothing to lose. And your LIFE to gain back.


Beyond the invisible (infinity)
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment."

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