Saturday, November 24, 2012

Moments when I including everyone who encountered couldnt' stop to laugh!

There always are moments and stories in everybody's life which is worth sharing and worth telling. So, here are two stories which I encountered and want to share at the moment.

Once I was going at my work on micro bus. That day there was so much traffic jam so there was so much crowd inside the vehicle and the seat was full. When the vehicle stopped at the bus station many people came rushing towards the bus to see whether there was space/seat available for them. 
One woman asked the conductor "Is there seat in the bus?". 
Then the conductor replied, "What are you saying auntie, can there be any bus without seats? There are so many seats in the bus but all are full right now." Everybody laughed.

Once I was in the queue to pay electricity bill of my home. There were two counters but only one queue.  Three persons before me was an old man, carrying the electricity payment card and money on his hand. On the counter was two ladies; one aged and one young lady. The man before the old man's payment was finished and the aged woman on the counter was free. And even after 20 seconds or so the old man didn't gave the card and seems to be looking and waiting for the young lady to finish her work. The aged lady asked "Grandfather, Give me your electricity payment card. She is busy right now, Do you need to give the card to this lady?." Then, the old man knew exactly what she was saying and nervously murmured 'No, No.'. Then the woman on the counter said, "Then give it to me, there are also others who are waiting for their turn". Everybody laughed.

image: Cairn_by_Sylvain_Naudin

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