Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Waiting for Ubuntu Touch OTA - 8 for my nexus 4 to be released on 18 Nov. 2015

Ubuntu Phone OTA8 Highlights.

New weather application
Improved Contacts sync implements a new syncronisation engine
The sound indicator now provides audio playback controls - currently play and pause only, skip forward/skip backward to follow
New Twitter scope includes the ability to tweet, comment, follow and unfollow
New Book aggregator scope, with lots of regional content
The OTA version is now reported in Settings  About this phone
Location service now additionally provides location and heading information
Web browser now includes:
Media access permissions for sites
Top level bookmarks view
Thumbnails and grid view for Top Sites page
Ubuntu store: QtPurchasing based in-app-purchases currently in pilot mode
Various bug fix details can be found here  

 #ubuntu   #ubuntuphone
While the ongoing Ubuntu Touch OTA - 9 will be released on January 20th 2016.