Friday, January 28, 2011

Reality Beyond What We Unconsciously Speak

[Why people are not interested in understanding the truth? Most of our knowledge has been automatized and mechanized. We speak those words but never know its real meaning because it has been set in our subconscious mind. So, let's see this example to get clear idea of what I want to present in this blog.]

Once it happened that a man died and his wife was really in despair, crying and crying. And one of my neighbors went to her and said, "Don't be worried, the soul is immortal. Your husband has not died, it is just the body; his soul is immortal and cannot die. So don't unnecessarily be in despair, be sad and cry, there is no need."

Monday, January 24, 2011

Osho on Court, The humorous experience

Well, this is from an audio discourse titled "God is dead. Now Zen is the only living truth." subtitle: 'God is the business of the priest.' This is one of the incident of Osho's life. This has so many satire and irony everyone should read it.
I am atheist because I do not believe in god. I am spiritual because I'm a part of the existence. Every Saint look serious except Osho. Spirituality does not mean seriousness it is the very core of our life. I don't want my blog to be serious I write because I want to present newer ideas, dimensions to the people so that we can change ourselves and I know that the world's hardest thing to do is to change ourselves. It's very easy to comment or insult others but we have forgotten to look at ourselves that's why we always find our problem outside of us while the solution is within. 

Nobody has encountered God -- no Christian, no Hindu, no Mohammedan -- but they have all said 'yes' because the crowd in which they were born was the crowd of theists.
To say 'No' amongst that crowd would have created difficulties for them. 'Yes' was simply the accepted rule of the game. They have worshiped, they have prayed, not knowing why they were doing it But everybody else is doing it so they become certain that it must be right.

The interesting discourse follows as: 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Anitya, The Impermanence

I am and have always been inspired by the music of Enigma. Eight years back on 30th November  2002 I myself had bought the 3rd album by Enigma "LE ROI EST MORT, VIVE LE ROI!" The lyrics of Enigma songs always fascinates because it presents greater dimension of knowledge and understanding beyond normal ideas. I used to study in grade IX that time, I still remember the lyrics of the first track of the album. "Things are changing, but nothing changes and still there are changes." From my own analysis and knowledge I come to realize the meaning of that lyrics is none other than "Impermanence" ("Anitya/अनित्य" in Sanskrit), which means nothing is permanent.