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Osho on Court, The humorous experience

Well, this is from an audio discourse titled "God is dead. Now Zen is the only living truth." subtitle: 'God is the business of the priest.' This is one of the incident of Osho's life. This has so many satire and irony everyone should read it.
I am atheist because I do not believe in god. I am spiritual because I'm a part of the existence. Every Saint look serious except Osho. Spirituality does not mean seriousness it is the very core of our life. I don't want my blog to be serious I write because I want to present newer ideas, dimensions to the people so that we can change ourselves and I know that the world's hardest thing to do is to change ourselves. It's very easy to comment or insult others but we have forgotten to look at ourselves that's why we always find our problem outside of us while the solution is within. 

Nobody has encountered God -- no Christian, no Hindu, no Mohammedan -- but they have all said 'yes' because the crowd in which they were born was the crowd of theists.
To say 'No' amongst that crowd would have created difficulties for them. 'Yes' was simply the accepted rule of the game. They have worshiped, they have prayed, not knowing why they were doing it But everybody else is doing it so they become certain that it must be right.

The interesting discourse follows as: 
On the one hand the government and all the religions and all the preachers go on saying, "You should tell the truth." Just today I've received from Madras a threatening letter from a law firm that I've offended the religious feeling of their clients. 

I have told my legal secretary, Anando, to write to them that in the first place there are no religious feelings. A religion is beyond feelings and beyond thoughts and beyond mind. There are only religious superstitions. A man of religion cannot be hurt. He knows the truth. It is the lies that you are living in that are hurt. Truth always hurts lies. So you should tell your clients to be really religious. Go beyond the mind, go beyond feelings, sentiments, emotions, thoughts and you will not be hurt. But if you want to come to the court, you can. My whole life I have been fighting in courts on the same point that people's religious feelings are hurt. I have been telling the judges, "If I am true and somebody's feelings are hurt, do you think I have to be punished for it? That man needs psychological treatment. If his religious feelings are so weak, that shows that they are only beliefs. He does not know what religion is. And if truth hurts people, what do you suggest? Should I start lying?" And the judges will look all around -- what to do? Because they cannot say you should start lying, so they are puzzled.

In the first court case they gave me a choice; either Bible, the Koran or Bhagavad Gita, whichever religion I belong. I should take the book, -- all the books were on the table -- and I should take the oath that I will only speak the truth and nothing else. I said, "I cannot do that for one reason: all these three books are full of lies. To take an oath on a book which is full of lies is absolutely absurd; you are an intelligent man. Secondly, I cannot take the oath because I always speak the truth. Taking the oath will mean that I don't speak the truth unless I take the oath. The implication is clear. You are telling me that I am a untruthful man. You are insulting me in your court. If I insult you, you will say that the court has been insulted. But you are insulting me by telling me to take the oath. I cannot take the oath because I simply speak the truth. There is no question of an oath."
He looked at me and he said, "I can understand, but this creates a problem. Without taking the oath, the case cannot start." I said, "That is not my problem. Who wants to start it? It is the other party that is starting. I can go home right now."
He said, "I will make an exception for you because you are saying you will speak the truth." 
I said, "I am not saying that, I am saying I only speak the truth. And that's the problem. These people are hurt by the truth. I have said that there is no God, and they are believers of God. 
Now they should prove that there is a God. That is their problem, not my problem. I simply repeat again, there is no God. Now they should prove the existence of God with evidence, with witnesses." 
"What do you think?" I asked the judge. "Do you believe in God? Do you have any evidence, any witness who has seen God? Can you say that you have seen God?"
He said, "It seems you are the judge here and I am a criminal."
I said, "Truth is always victorious. just behind you. Read."
The case was dismissed. Hundreds of cases have been dismissed just. But the society goes on rewarding a person who consoles you. It does not matter that he is consoling you by a lie.

to be contd........

Beyond the invisible (infinity)
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment."

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