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No more hell fire, Osho, The Most Dangerous Man Since Jesus Christ -2

In fact, everything that is pleasant has been destroyed by Christianity. It is said that you

cannot be rejoicing and enjoying life when other people are suffering. What do you mean? -- if other people have cancer, you should have cancer also? If other people are suffering, that does not mean that you should suffer also. You should help the suffering to cut the roots of their suffering. That you don't allow: God has made
them to suffer; they are suffering because it is the will of God, so don't change their suffering but change your joyousness, your cheerfulness, your laughter, your blissfulness. While other people are suffering you are laughing? you are dancing? you are singing?

Christians have made the whole world miserable. The churches are the most sad places; even graveyards are more joyous, with flowers and beautiful trees. Churches ...? I have been into churches. As you enter a church it feels as though you are entering hell -- just the fire is missing, so it is all cold. Perhaps the fuel is finished in hell! -- there is an end to everything. Now be careful: when you go to hell, take woolen clothes with you, because there is no more hell fire, just an eternal winter which goes on getting colder and colder.

What kind of nonsense is this? If other people are sick, do you have to drop your healthiness? If other people are stupid, idiotic, retarded, do you have to drop your intelligence? This is a strange theology of destroying people's happiness. If people are suffering, share your happiness with them, make them also laugh. Cut the roots of their suffering. That seems to be human. This teaching is absolutely inhuman! A few are suffering because God wants them to suffer -- and you have to suffer because Christianity wants you to suffer. Don't laugh, don't smile, don't enjoy anything, don't rejoice .... Then why not commit suicide? For what are you living? Just to watch the suffering of others, and your own? Christianity leaves no other alternative than suicide. It is not an accident that the Western philosophers have come to the point of existentialism, which preaches that suicide is the only way out. It is Christianity deep down which has made the whole world so miserable that there seems almost to be no need to wake up tomorrow morning. For what? just to continue this misery?
And it is strange: on the one hand they say, "Know thy place. God makes everyone as they are ...." Do you see the contradiction? If God has made you a laughing, enjoying, rejoicing person, then this principle does not apply. It only applies to the sufferers: "Don't change your place, suffer. God makes everyone as they are." If it is true, then God has made many people loving, laughing, rejoicing, dancing. Who are you to prevent them? But no, it is not applicable as far as joy is concerned, only suffering. What can be the reason behind it? The reason is clear. Only the people who are miserable will seek the advice of the priests and the popes. Only the people who are miserable can be enslaved, can be told that "You are sheep and we are the shepherds." Only miserable people need salvation. A happy person, a blissful person does not need any salvation. I don't need any salvation! I have solved all my problems. I have found myself. I have found the door to the divine. I don't need any shepherd, and I don't want to be called a sheep. If I had been present I would have slapped Jesus Christ. Christianity has turned lions into sheep. I want you to roar in laughter and joy like lions. Cut the roots of misery, suffering, slavery, all kinds of exploitation. We need a classless society, and ultimately we need a world without any government.

As I entered America, the first question they asked me was, "Are you are a communist?Are you an anarchist?"I said, "Both, and something more."They said, "Something more?"I said, "Yes. Communism is only a step. The Soviet Union has missed, it is just clinging to that step ...."Karl Marx's idea was that as communism settles down, the government will disappear;otherwise, the bureaucrats become the new bourgeois. That is what happened in Russia,that is happening in China. That is going to happen in every communist country. The Communist Party takes the place of the capitalists -- no change. The poor remain the poor. Of course, they are equally poor. The only equality that communist countries know is equality of poverty.I want equality of richness, a rich world -- which is possible, because if we use science and technology not to exploit people but to create more and more wealth, more and more nourishment for people, scientists say we can support through science and technology a seven times bigger population than exists today.But they are being prevented by the churches, by all the religions, by the capitalists. 

The fear is that if there is nobody poor, who is going to go to the church? If there is nobody poor, who is going to pray to God? If there is nobody who is suffering, the priest is not needed. A rich world, an equal world, a world without government, without crime, a world of meditators, a religious world, will not need three hundred religions as they exist today. And Christianity is the biggest religion, of course, and the biggest crime against humankind.

In fact, in the oldest monastery of Mount Athos ... It is near Greece, a sovereign country, it has its own government. It is a thousand-year-old monastery. Once a man becomes a monk in this monastery of Mount Athos, he cannot leave the monastery alive, only his corpse will come out. This they call loyalty. I call it slavery. I call it absolute destruction of freedom of choice -- because tomorrow I may not feel like being in Mount Athos, but I have no choice. They have not only taken my present, they have taken my future also. It is the ugliest place in the world, because no woman has ever entered, has ever been allowed to enter, Mount Athos. You will be surprised: what kind of people are living there? Even a six-month-old baby girl cannot be allowed in Mount Athos. Are these monks or monsters?
But that is not the end of the story.
Have you known females of any kind? I was surprised, I have known only one kind. When I first heard it, I could not believe that there are other kinds of female also. But then I understood there are. ... EVEN BABIES, PET DOGS, CATS OR PARROTS WHICH ARE FEMALE. This can give you a clear-cut indication what kind of people are living there. They are not only homosexuals; the fear is that if even animals enter there which ae female, these monks are not going to leave those animals alone. They will commit sodomy. Sodomy means making love to animals.
And this you call religion? This you call transformation of human beings?
One journalist who has just visited there found that "THERE ARE SOME MEN WHO
WOMAN IN THEIR LIVES" -- not even their mothers. As they were getting out of the
womb, they were immediately transferred to Mount Athos. They have never seen that any
kind of woman exists in the world.
One monk stated to the journalist, "IT TOOK ONLY ONE WOMAN TO UNDO THE
ATHOS." Just one woman, he is saying, destroyed the Garden of Eden; one woman will
destroy Mount Athos. And these are great monks, holy people, loyal to God, constantly
But nothing seems to have changed in their biology, nothing seems to have changed in
their minds, in their dreams, in their imagination. But they are forced, they cannot go out
-- that's why Mount Athos has its own government, its own police, its own guards
continuously guarding the monastery. Nobody can escape out of the monastery. Do
whatever you want to do, but do it in the monastery.
I have heard a few days ago about another monastery where there are one thousand
monks who were divided with a wall, because fifty percent want homosexuality to be
accepted by the church, and fifty percent are against it. Not that they are not
homosexuals, they just don't want to make it public. Keep it quiet.
Christianity and other religions have helped all kinds of sexual perversions in the world --
and they think they have been very beneficial? they have been a blessing to the world?
They are absolutely a curse, categorically a curse, and unless they disappear, man cannot
live in peace.

to be continued.............

Sunday, August 14, 2016

His grave is in Kashmir, Osho, The Most Dangerous Man Since Jesus Christ.

This is extracted from the discourse by Osho "Christianity, the deadliest poison and Zen, the antidote to all poisons"

"Who is not with me is against me." It can be said by Adolf Hitler, by Joseph Stalin, by Benito Mussolini, but not by a religious person. Because the person may not be with me, but it is not necessary that he should be against me. He can be indifferent. Why are you leaving out the category of the indifferent? This is dictatorial. This is not religious, this is against humanity.

You are not allowing people to be free to choose what path they want. You are forcing them to be Christians -- and you are forcing the whole of humanity into loyalty, when loyalty in fact means a slavery to the status quo -- if the society is divided into classes, you should not change it. If a few people go on becoming rich and creating millions of poor people, this is how God wants it. You should not interfere in the work of God. It is not a religious idea; it is a very cunning strategy to keep the slaves slaves, to keep women subhuman, to keep the poor poor, and to keep the rich rich.

 It supports all that is ugly in a beautiful name: loyalty. I say unto you: Find out the truth in yourself, and be loyal to your truth. That truth will bring a revolution in the world. And that loyalty will not be for any status quo, that loyalty will be for making a better world, a new humanity, a new man -- more joyous, more healthy, more blissful. It is time -- a very decisive time.

All religions are out of date, particularly Christianity. It is the largest religion -- half of the world is Christian -- and they talk all kinds of nonsense. Their pillars are the resurrection of Jesus Christ .... He never died on the cross, how can he resurrect? His grave is in Kashmir, in India. 

It was because of a conspiracy to save him, a conspiracy between one rich disciple and the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate, that the crucifixion was to be delayed as long as possible. The crucifixion was fixed for Friday, because Saturday is Sabbath for the Jews; they don't work at all. The idea was that because the Jewish cross kills very slowly ... It takes forty-eight hours for a healthy man to die on the Jewish cross. It is a very torturous thing. An electric chair is far more merciful, but God never created the electric chair. So the crucifixion was delayed for this excuse, that excuse. Finally, Pontius Pilate wanted to see Jesus Christ before he was taken to the cross -- just to delay it -- and he talked to him. Then the procession was going uphill to where the crucifixions used to happen. There were thousands of people, and Jesus ...

He was only thirty-three, healthy, was a carpenter's son, was accustomed to carry wood from the forest, so it is easy for him to tell people, "Carry your cross on your own shoulders." He carried his. The cross was very heavy, and he fell three times on the way. I suspect that perhaps it was also part of delaying -- because he was thirty-three and he used to carry big logs. He was not a man like I am, who has never done anything in his life, good-for-nothing! 

When Rahul Sanskritayana came back from Russia, he shook hands with me, and he told me, "Never go to Russia." I said, "What?!" He said, "Your hands are very bourgeois." I said, "They have to be, because I have never used them. I don't carry anything, I don't do anything." From my very childhood, my father, my mother, everybody used to tell me, "You will turn out good-for-nothing!" I have fulfilled their promise, their prophecy. You will not find another man in the world who is so good for nothing. I teach nothing.

Jesus was on the cross for only six hours. In the whole of history nobody has ever died on the Jewish cross in six hours. He was too young, healthy. And after six hours, as the sun was setting, all work had to be stopped -- that was the conspiracy -- and Jesus had to be brought down. He could not remain on the cross on the Sabbath. So he was brought down, put into a cave, and the guards were Roman, not Jews. In the middle of the night he was taken out of Judea by his richest followers -- Judea was a small place -- and he healed within a week. There was not much wrong, just a little blood had flowed out. Once he was healed, his friends and followers suggested to him not to go back to Judea, "otherwise you will be killed again. 

It is better to move far away from Judea." Jesus must have heard about Moses -- because he was a Jew -- that Moses had gone in search of a lost tribe in the desert. When all the followers had reached Israel, which took forty years of wandering in the desert ... The Jews can never forgive Moses because he passed by Saudi Arabia and all the oil countries, and went on wandering in the desert -- hungry, starving, thirsty. Three-fourths of his people died on the way; only one-fourth of the original lot ... New people had come into being, because for forty years you cannot keep people celibate.

So new children were born, even a third generation had come into being, and Moses experienced the first generation gap. The people who had come with him were no more there, and the new generation had no idea about Egypt, no idea about slavery, no idea about the meeting of Moses with God, and the Ten Commandments, and they did not care about this old fellow. Just to escape ... The situation was becoming hotter and hotter against Moses, because the new generation was talking, saying that "This ugly place is the Holy Land of God? For this place our forefathers died in the desert in tremendous misery, poverty, hunger, thirst. This place ...?" Moses must have been worried. To escape from Israel, he had the excuse that "One tribe of the Jews has lost its way somewhere in the desert. You settle down, and I will go and find the lost tribe." The lost tribe reached Kashmir, which is really, one can say, a holy land -- the world's most beautiful place.

When the first Mogul emperor, Babar, came to India, he passed through Kashmir. He could not believe his eyes. He said, "If there is any paradise anywhere, it is here, it is here!" Moses died in Kashmir. His grave and Jesus' grave both are on the same hillside, under the same old trees, and still today a Jewish family takes care of both the graves. Those are the only two graves on which the inscription is in Hebrew. Now, in India there are no Jews. The other Jews in Kashmir have been converted by the Mohammedans, forcibly, into Mohammedanism. But because Mohammed had accepted Moses and Jesus as prophets of God, they did not destroy the two graves, and they did not convert the family who was taking care of those two graves. Descendants of the same family -- that is the only Jewish family in Kashmir -- are still taking care of them.

 I have been to the graves. They are nearby a village which is called Pahalgam. In Kashmiri, Pahalgam means the village of the shepherd; it must have been named according to Jesus' claim that he was the shepherd. There is no other reason for it to be called the village of the shepherd.

I asked the guardians of those two graves what is written on them. On one is Moses' name, on the other is Jesus' name, in Hebrew -- in Hebrew it is Joshua -- "Joshua, who claimed to be the last prophet of the Jews."

Resurrection never happened -- and those kinds of things are the pillars: virgin birth, resurrection, creation of the world as opposed to evolution. If it is true that God created the perfect world and there has been no evolution, then all the popes, the cardinals, the archbishops, the bishops and the priests would have been naked just like Adam and Eve. Or they may have been hiding their private parts, either with big leaves, as they hide them on the statues, or by hunting animals and using their skins. 

Certainly God did not create railway trains, airplanes, cars, electricity, post offices. All this has come as part of the evolutionary program. Whether science believes in Charles Darwin's idea of evolution or not is not the question. Christianity will have to believe in evolution. It may be a different version, but evolution is the scientific truth. You can see it all around ....

And I am seeing immense contradictions. On the one hand they say, "You should not change anything, God is more wise than you" -- then why are you converting people to Christianity? God made them pagans, and you are converting them to Christianity. You are converting the poor, the downtrodden, the beggars, the orphans, to Christianity -- and particularly to the Catholic sect. It is against God, against the Christian God. Creation is a dead word. It is just like a pond, it does not flow. And a pond has as its destiny only death. Its water will evaporate, and soon there will be mud and nothing else. A river is life. Everything is moving, everything is evolving. God has not created a Gautam Buddha, and God has not created a Mahavira. Adam and Eve he has created -- and even he could not tolerate Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He threw them out because they had committed the fundamental sin of disobedience -- his own children, naked, thrown out into the world. God created only one couple. Now there are more than five billion people on the earth. By the end of the century there will be seven billion people on the earth. 

And you say things are not moving, everything is static?

Christians say that death is the punishment for your sins. I wonder that even intelligent people go on reading such rubbish. Then why do saints die? If it is because of sins that people die, then why do popes die? Why did Jesus die? And according to Friedrich Nietzsche ... why has God died? Either everybody is committing sin, or the whole idea is absolutely wrong. Death is a natural phenomenon, it has nothing to do with sin. 

to be continued............