Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ideas that needs to be planted on our subconscious mind.

I'm really sad, but not for myself but for my blog's visitors from Nepal since Nepal Telecommunications Authority has ordered Nepal's ISP's to block the entire domain. I've lots of materials for my blog which I'll post in future days. I hope they'll soon fix it. Anyway, When we live our life away from spirituality then the consequences are you lose the control of your mind, your life and life path. So, I think the following ideas, truths and concepts needs to be planted on our subconscious mind to live a blissful life. Only merging our daily life with spirituality in it can awaken us to the greater reality and thus makes our life worthful, blissful, excellent and blessed.

Religion has been one of the most contradictory and confusing word for the entire humanity from millennium. Religion simply means the nature and essence of any being or thing. for e.g. the religion of fire is to get burned and to burn. That's the religion of fire. So, to be religious means to inherit the very nature of ourselves. It's very strange to know that our mind is the greatest enemy towards attaining or being religious because of the bad belief systems. Talking medically the difference between human and other animals's brain is only 'neocortex'. for e.g. When you call a dog by showing a piece of bone, it simply comes but when it comes you simply kicked him. And immediately again you show him the same piece of bone and call him. Then what will happen, it again comes no matter what you've just done to him. because he has no thinking brain it's his nature to love meat and bones. So, that's his religion.

"Religious is the very nature of our soul, We need to be religious not by being Christian but by being Christ, not by being Buddhist but by being Buddha."

"A Christian is one who talks about truth and knows nothing about it, A Christ is one who knows about it." ~Osho

"In every color, there's light. In every stone sleeps a crystal." So, every human being is very special and potentially has some universal energy within, just search for that light within you...

"Simply giving birth to a baby doesn't make you a real mother, similarly simply by having the appearance of human doesn't make you real human."

"Things are changing, but nothing changes and still there are changes." So, even happiness doesn't last forever as sadness also doesn't lasts forever so learn to let go don't get attached to any thing or feeling cause the universe is constantly changing nothing can be insured at all.

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought, the mind is everything what we think we become" ~Gautam Buddha (so learn to think like a awakened master)

"If we dig a ground of 1m depth at 10 places we'll not get water but if we dig a ground of 10m depth at one place we'll definitely get water." Success is also like that if you try different things on which you have less knowledge you are more likely to fail but if you do stick with what you know the best then it's more likely that you'll succeed.

"No one can be absolutely equal to other, since we are all unique and our talents can never be exactly be equal to the other person. So, don't be fooled by the word 'equality'. Just learn to be the real self. Just be yourself."

more to be added................

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