Monday, September 27, 2010

Teacher and The Master

I've already written a post regarding Teacher in this link 'A Tribute to the Teacher'. In spirituality there is a great difference between a Teacher and The Master so in real life also. In Sanskrit there are three levels / groups named 'Sikshyak(शिक्षक)/Teacher', 'Acharya(आचार्य)' and 'Guru/(गुरु)'. There is no perfect translation of the Sanskrit word 'Guru' in English but we call 'Guru' as 'Master' in English but it's not so. I'm not going deep in spirituality but the facts thats inherited in our life. There's a slight difference between 'Acharya' and 'Guru' but as in English we regard both the word as Master I'm also following the same. So, here we go:

A Teacher is a person who can only teach that's why s/he is a teacher. Unlike teacher a Master is a person who not only teaches but s/he is fully experienced in what s/he has been sharing with the students or with the world. Not understood? Let's learn with an example. The person who is scared even with the name of river or pond teaches us the swimming simply because he has a degree on swimming and Do you know where he teaches swimming? IN THE CLASSROOM! instead of swimming pool. Now, see the difference. So, the person who don't know 'S' about swimming in practical life, teaches us the swimming. And one day the student of the same teacher goes to visit some place and there s/he finds a river and s/he thinks that we've learnt about swimming in classroom. So, s/he immediately jumps into the river and as soon as s/he jumps into the river. The water enters through his/her nose and now s/he doesn't know what to do simply because that thing is not included in the chapter which s/he has learnt previously. So, s/he tries to move her/his hands as s/he was taught in the classroom. After so much of trying it proves to be nothing than the beginning of the end of his/her life. THIS IS THE STATE OF EDUCATION. Of course this education provides us to tackle with the materialistic world s/he may have high IQ knowledge. Parents may become happy that their son/daughter speaks English fluently but deep down inside they are all empty. Simply because they've earned education by losing themselves s/he forgets to live a life like a human. That's why even in the developed country like America more than 40% of its citizen suffer from depression and other mental disease. Of course they have physically very sophisticated life but their life is not free from politics, jealously, anger, diplomacy, etc. So, talking in simple language it kills our intelligence which was provided to us at the time of our birth. This is not just philosophy or hypothesis there is a scientific reason behind it.
As I've already talked about the power of our subconscious mind which you can find on previous posts of June 2010. So, the actual reason behind this is that till 14 yrs. of a person's life his/her subconscious mind is very active. And as we should know that our subconscious mind holds the 90% of our mind's total power but our conscious mind only holds 10% of total mind's potentiality and in that 10% normal person only uses upto 1% few have used upto 3%. Thats why we can't learn actively new things after we  start becoming old.
Subconscious mind is not logical, it's nature is imagination, rhythm, feelings, etc. Remember the saying of Albert Einstein "Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." Why he said that? because he knows that our subconscious mind is powerful than our conscious mind. Imagination is the activity of the subconscious mind. So, below 14 yrs. children should learn by experience, experiment and expression. They must not be given formal education. They should learn from informal education. But the misery is that we've been forcedly and wrongly taught from our childhood that's why we lose the essence of living like a natural and pure human being.  

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