Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to save youtube videos from Browser's Cache

Spirituality and Technology should not be separate from each other. Spirituality is the source of inspiration for Technology to exist in this world. In my previous post Consciousness - beyond self created gods. I've extracted a poem by Jalaluddin Rumi where he says that god is within ourselves. 
God, Happiness, Compassion, Love is all within ourselves and we try to find them in outer world; in material thing, in another person, in another place. That's why the result is mostly failure. This spiritual teaching is directly related with the tech topic i'm writing because;
Now, it has become difficult to freely and easily download videos from youtube or any other media streaming sites. So, what I try to say is as we are searching for a free software (i.e. virtually impossible to find) which will download the videos from youtube. 
I've found a viable solution because as we play or load a video of youtube in our browser; what it does is that it just downloads the video into our computer's hard drive as a cache file. It is with in our computer's hard drive as we load the video. So, what we just need is not external tool to download videos but we have to find that video file downloaded in browser's cache folder. I can find the file in browser's cache folder but for non-technical people it's a big and time consuming job. 
So, the idea is just to download a program that will do the rest of work after we completely load the video in our browser as I've demonstrated in the video. 

Step 1: Play your favorite youtube video and after it loads completely. (Don't close your browser i.e. firefox, chrome, opera)

Step 2: Download the software videocacheview.

Step 3: Install the software and then open the software.

Step 4: It will have all the list of videos from your browser's cache. You now just have to copy the video and play using media player like VLC

If my language couldn't aid the non-technical user please use the video attached within.
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