Wednesday, November 21, 2012

If this is all what it means to being 'Educated'

To remove the complexity of this post let's just read this humours example. And most probably this is the reality of education.

Someone learns swimming. Then the swimming learned by third person is recorded in the form of books and is then taught in the school course book.

Teacher: This is how you have to move your left hand, then your right hand.
And then you have to move your left leg then your right leg. 
And the most important thing is where the students' are being taught swimming?

They are being taught swimming in the 'Class Room', and by the teacher who has never swam in this entire life (have zero swimming experience) and is afraid of swimming and with river because he has done PHD. in swimming.

And one day by mistake the same student who have previously learned swimming not in the swimming pool but in the class room encounters with the river. Then the student jumps into the river since his teacher has taught in the class as how to move his hands and legs. He dives into the river to move his hands and legs, but inhaling water from the nose was not taught in the class.
While teaching 'inhaling water from the nose' was not in the chapter. 
Before even moving his hands or legs as his teacher told him, he felt so much pain as he couldn't breathe. Then his entire effort goes on how to survive, then in the process his life ends.

This is the exact situation of education. If you want to teach swimming, the child must be taken to the swimming pool. If you want to teach football, the students must be taken to the football ground.

The similar like in the above example is happening in our education not exactly like this one but like above example.

What we call 'Education' is absolutely not education at all since it has only been teaching us how to stay physically alive in this competitive world. i.e. It is only teaching us to pass examinations. Your so called teachers prepare you just for passing the examinations, but they do not talk to you about living, which is most important; because very few know how to live. Most of us merely survive, we somehow drag along, therefore life becomes a miserable thing. Really to live requires a great deal of love, a great feeling for silence, a great simplicity with an abundance of experience; it requires a mind that is capable of thinking very clearly, that is not bound by prejudice or superstition, by hope or fear.

image source: Pantano_de_Orellana_by_mgarciaiz 

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