Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We have yet to be Human, the wonderful story

Do you consider yourself as human being? Think again. [Read the true story of last paragraph]

Let's read this version of one Philosopher regarding 'being human being'.

See the raw material of 'gold', stone is mixed in it, we cannot use that raw materials to wear the gold necklace. The raw material of gold must be melted, heated and processed, then only it becomes gold. We all are only the raw materials for human being. We have yet to become human being. Similarly potentiality is there in us to become human beings but that raw material needs to be polished, heated, processed to become the final product i.e. 'human being'. 99% of people on Earth live like a raw material and die like a raw material they don't die as human being. 

Only 1% population govern, use 99% population. Why?
1% people have that amount of money which the altogether other 99% people doesn't have. i.e 1% people are rich.

Because 99% population sell themselves in raw form in the market; i.e. in name of job, in salary, business, etc. You have the right to sell in raw form but when you sell in raw form you get nominal price. We have been selling the herb 'Ophiocordyceps sinesis' (Yarsagumba in nepali) in raw form to foreign nation a lot. When the same 'Yarsagumba' is processed and is produced in the form of medicine capsule. The price of the capsule may be 100 times or even 1000 times more than the price of raw form of it. We have been exporting numerous herbs in raw form, so we also get raw money, which won't have any impact on national level. So, even gold can be useless if its in raw form, because it needs processing. Raw material is useful but in negligible amount than compared to the final product. It seems we are breathing, we are living, but actually we are not alive. 

This way 99% population are selling themselves in raw form knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwillingly. Because we have been taught to be sold in raw form. If we sell a doctor/lawer/successful businessman in raw form what would be his income since before being doctor/lawer/successful businessman he is only capable of manual works, he is a coolie. He uses 5-10 years of his life learning, experiencing and experimenting to become doctor/lawer/successful businessman, etc. and only then he becomes valuable. If he don't process himself, he ultimately becomes a coolie i.e. manual worker

Let's read an example.

Nowadays after you pass BA, MA, etc. you work whole day using a computer. In the past days you have to turn the pages of account books manually. You pass MA just to turn the pages of account book. Who earns how much amount of money and how much he spends, just to keep the account of money of others you pass MA. The person who keeps the account; need to have degree in economics and the person who actually earns money doesn't need any degree in economics or any subject. He doesn't need any education, he just earns money. He says to the economics degree holder, 'You keep my account because I don't know how to read and write, I'll give you Rs. 5,000 or 7,000 or 10,000 per month. And the degree holder becomes happy to have received 10,000 per month. We have been taught from childhood to do slavery (gulami in hindi)of others. We live just to fulfil the demand of stomach, nothing more. We delete the desire of mind and soul just to fulfil the demand of stomach. So, 99% people's life are ruined because they sell themselves in raw form which doesn't have any value.

image source: 1st Picture from Wikimedia Commons and 2nd picture from facebook

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