Thursday, June 10, 2010

Living the life you were meant to live.

An Story for knowing the wealth within everyone of us. The purpose of life. We are all the creation of the consciousness or better cosmic consciousness every living being has a purpose. So let's look at a story below until my pre-targeted post comes alive till I make it informative and interesting.

An eagle lays an egg, but somehow the egg finds its way into a chicken coup. A chicken incubates the egg with all her other, chicken eggs and when it hatches, she rears the eaglet as if it were one of her own chicks. It learns to peck the ground for food, to flap its wings and bathe itself in the dust, and to strut around the farmyard. One day, an eagle flies by overhead. The little eagle looks up and sees the marvelous, golden colored bird, wings outstretched, soaring through the deep blue sky, and says to himself, ‘I wish I were an eagle – how majestic, how free, how beautiful to be like that and have such a life.’ And then the little eagle went back to his life in the chicken coup; he lived like a chicken and died like a chicken, because that’s what he thought he was.

Here, we must understand the life we were meant to live like.

Beyond the invisible (infinity)
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment."