Saturday, July 31, 2010

Compassion and Our True Identity

My one and only poem "Compassion" / Karuna
Where am I? Where am I?
I'm floating, floating in an weightless environment
Beyond your gravitation
Wondering in age of loneliness
Conflicting between mind and heart
Seeking purity of thinking and vision as of a child
I've lost my axis but I'm still rotating
May be, may be because of the inertia
Fulfilling all my wishes in a dream, perfectly legal.
composed by me, as inspired by my favorite artist 'enigma'. on 21st April, 2007.

The following wisdom, I call it 'Our True Identity' and is the work of 'James Allen', whenever I read this I'm totally touched. Here is the writing.

"As the smallest drop of water detached from the ocean contains all the qualities of the ocean, so man, detached in consciousness from the infinite, contains within him its likeness; and as the drop of water must, by the law of its nature, ultimately find its way back to the ocean and lost itself in its silent depths, so must man by the unfailing law of his nature, at last return to his source, and lose himself in the great ocean of the infinite.
So, everything has a source including our life, happiness and sadness and everything is governed by the law.

Beyond the invisible (infinity)
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment."

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