Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Laptop heating and its remedy.

Notebooks are becoming very essential device for people. Since the major of the problem in laptop arises due to over heating. Here, today I'm writing on how to remedy this problem. The pictures here I have taken is of Toshiba L200 Notebook. I guess you can find laptop disassembling guide on the web of your laptop if you plan to do it yourself, but do it at your own risk. Following is the summary of steps which I have performed on this.
1. This is Toshiba L200 Notebook laptop of which I have done this work.
2. If you are planning to work at hardware level, do remove the battery first.
3. Start disassembling, I am not uploading all the disassembling pictures. So, here is the picture after removing front part and the LCD display. Look at the dust on the fan.

4. After this you need to remove the motherboard to remove the fan unit.
5. Remove the fan along with the attached heat sink.
6. Look at the layer of dust accumulated between the fan and the heat sink. This dust is the main problem for heat since it acts as an insulator for heat and due to heating other problems arise frequently like hang, automatic reboot and so on. You can clean it with a soft brush or use the blower to clean it. After cleaning completes, reassemble your laptop carefully and its working smoothly again.

[Note: Do not start disassembling your laptop right now. The disassembling of laptop is unique for all laptops. So, do it at your own risk.]

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