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Beyond Conventional Politics and Religion

This post is the continuation of my previous posts "A Hope of Spiritual Transformation For Modern Human" and "Machine, Technology And Human (The Real Human)". Since, my own country, Nepal is in Political Crisis I'm writing this post from the discourse of Osho so as to let people enlighten on what natural politics is responsible for the growth of Human. 'Auto Immune Disorder' is a disease in which our body's immune system attacks its own cells and tissues due to overactive response of the immune system. Similarly my country has been suffering from this disease; since here we don't know who are 'Pandavas(heroes of Mahabharat)' and who are 'Sakunis(villain of Mahabharat)' everybody is pointing the Gun at each other, killing and destroying each other. So I wish my country could recover from this disease as soon as possible so that the dawn of humanity may happen again.

The Discourse continues as below:

You say, Ruparahi, "To me the future of the East appears bleak whichever way one looks at it." It is not bleak. It can be bleak if stupidity wins over intelligence. If the old, rotten mind wins over intelligence then it is bleak. If Gandhi wins, then it is bleak. If Morarji Desai and people like him win, then it is bleak. But if I am heard and understood it is not bleak. 
You say, ".... either poverty and starvation through fatalism, or Westernization through capitalism." I am all for Westernization of the East, and I am all for capitalism too, because capitalism is the only natural system. Communism is a violent, enforced, artificial system. Capitalism is a natural growth; nobody has forced it on anybody, it has come on its own. It is part of human evolution. Capitalism is not like communism -- few people trying to enforce a particular system, forcibly on others. Capitalism has grown out of freedom. Capitalism is a natural phenomenon, and it fits perfectly well with human potentials. 

I am all in favor with Adam Smith and all against Karl Marx. Capitalism means laissez-faire. People should be free to do their own thing; no government should interfere with people's freedom. The government which governs the least is the best. That's what capitalism is. The interference of the state, nationalization of the industries, are all inhuman. Communism can exist only in the climate of dictatorship. Communism cannot be democratic, Socialism can never be democratic. No socialist can have the democratic mind, because Socialism ar Communism means to impose a particular system on people. How can you be democratic? It has to be forcibly imposed. The whole country has to be turned into a concentration camp.

Capitalism needs no enforcement from above. Capitalism is a democratic way of life. And Capitalism is also very psychologically true, because no two persons are psychologically equal. The whole idea of equality is false, inhuman, untrue, unscientific. No two human beings are equal; people are unequal. In every possible way they are unequal. Their talents, their intelligence, their bodies, their health, their age, their beauty, their qualities; everything is different. No two individuals are alike or equal.  And it is good. The variety makes life rich; the variety gives people individuality, uniqueness. Capitalism means freedom, it represents freedom. I am not against equal opportunities for all. Please, don't misunderstand me. Equal opportunities should be available to everybody, but for what? Equal opportunities to grow to your unequal potentials, equal opportunities to be different, to be dissimilar, equal opportunities to be whatsoever you want to be. Communism is ugly phenomenon. It destroys human freedom in the name of equality. And the equality can never be managed, there is no possible way. Even in Soviet Russia there is no equality; only the classes have changed their labels. First there used to be the Proletarians and the Bourgeoisie; now there are the Rulers and the Ruled. And the distinctions are far more greater than ever. And the whole country has fallen into a kind of dull state. 
Communism makes people drab and dull, placid, because nobody feels the freedom to be himself, so joy from life disappears. Nobody feels any enthusiasm to work for others. That is unnatural, inhuman. How you can feel enthusiasm if you are working for the inhuman state, the machinery called state? When you work for your children, your wife, there is enthusiasm. If you are working for your wife and you would like her to have a beautiful house, a small cottage in the hills, you are in great enthusiasm. You would like your children to be healthy; you are in great enthusiasm. Who cares for the state? For what? State is an abstraction; nobody can love the state. That's why in Russia and in China you will find people dragging, dull. Their intelligence has lost color, they are no more rainbows of life. 

Communism in the beautiful name of equality destroys the most valuable thing 'freedom'. Freedom is the ultimate value. There is nothing higher than freedom, because it is through freedom that everything else becomes possible. Capitalism is a higher value system than Communism, and Communism will always remain dictatorial because it is afraid, afraid because something inhuman has been imposed on human beings. The moment you withdraw the structure of dictatorship, people will start becoming unequal again. Just give five years to Soviet Russia, five years of democracy and you will see: again people are different; somebody has become rich and somebody has become poor and somebody has become famous and somebody has become something else. Just five years of democratic freedom, and fifty years of dictatorship will go down the drain; hence the fear. This is an unnatural imposition on people; it destroys their spirit. 

I am all for capitalism. Capitalism is the system that produces capital. Communism is the system that reduces everybody to the lowest denominator. That is the only way to make people equal.For example, if somebody here is seven feet tall there are a few Dutch sannyasins seven feet tall and somebody is just five: now if you want to make these people equal, what can be done? The five-foot tall person cannot be stretched to seven, but the seven-foot tall person can be cut to five. That's the only possible way. Communism reduces people to the lowest denominator. People are not allowed to have higher intelligence, because that will make them unequal. They have to be reduced to the lowest intelligence. Capitalism functions in a totally different way. It helps you to express, to manifest, to flower in your totality. 

And I am not saying that there are not wrong things in Capitalism. They are there but for them capitalism is not responsible for them Human ignorance is responsible for them, human unconsciousness is responsible for them. Capitalism has many errors in it; it is not the perfect system. It is the most perfect in available systems, but it is not the perfect system, because man is not perfect. It simply reflects man, with all its illusions, with all human errors, with all human stupidities; but it reflects perfectly well. 

Communism is against all that is good, valuable, all that takes you higher than humanity. Communism is an effort to live by bread alone. Bread is needed, but it is needed only so that you can pray, so that you can sing a song, so that you can fall in love, so that you can paint. Bread is needed, but only as a means. Communism has turned the means into the end. I am in favor of the East should be Westernized because Westernization means nothing but modernization. Forget the word "West". Westernization means modernization: more technology, more science, more industrialization and higher technology so that we can save this earth and its delicate ecological balance. The East has to be modernized, and then the future is not bleak. 

But the greatest problem is that the Eastern mind is against modernization. Their old traditions are great blocks. Their conditioning of the mind is such that they are committing suicide. And they think that they have great culture and great values and great ideas. And it is all rotten! And because of that rotten past, they cannot understand the modern explosion of great knowledge that can transform this earth into a real paradise. These old patterns have to be destroyed. People ask me, particularly Indians, "What you are doing to help India to get out of its poverty?" That's actually what I am doing, because to me it is not a question of only going and distributing clothes to poor people; that is not going to help. It is not a question of distributing anything, it is not a question of charity; it is a question of changing their mind and their structure of thinking. But then the problem arises; they will be the most antagonistic to me. This is how life is paradoxical. What I am saying can change the fate of the East, it can transform its whole ugliness into beauty, but the Eastern people will be the most against me because whatsoever I will say will go against their conditioning, their ideas; settled ideas for centuries. That's why you don't see many Indians here. The Western mind immediately feels a deep affinity with me. It is because I am always in favor of the modern, of the new. The Western mind can understand me immediately, it feels a great alikeness, but the Eastern mind simply feels agitated. The moment the Eastern mind hears what I am saying he becomes annoyed, antagonistic; he starts defending himself. He has become too much attached to his mind, and his mind is the cause of all his problems. Those problems he wants to change, but he clings to the mind. And that is not possible. First the mind has to be changed; only then will those problems disappear. 

For example, the whole East suffers from repressed sexuality, great repression, but again and again they go on insisting that they have great ideas of celibacy, great ideas of character, morality. And those are the ideas which are making them repressed. Those are the ideas that are keeping them unflowing, because once your sexuality is repressed, your creativity is repressed, because sex energy is your creative energy. It is God's way of helping you becoming creative. Sex is creativity. The man who has repressed his sex will not be able to create anything; he will be stuck. Now what to do with the East? If you tell them to become a little more loving, a little more sensuous, a little more sensate, they immediately are against you; they say, "Then why has Buddha said this, and Mahavira has said that? You are teaching materialism!". I am simply teaching you totality. And let me say it to you, that Buddha's approach is not total, it is partial. But I can understand him, because if you are against me, now, twenty-five centuries after Buddha, if Buddha had said these things that I am saying to you, how much would you have been against him? I can understand why he never told you about the total growth of human beings, why he had to remain partial. Even that was too much for the Indian people, and Buddhism was thrown outside the country even that was too much. If he had talked the way I am talking, you would have immediately killed him. It was not possible; the climate was not ready for him to talk you in total terms. I am taking the risk of talking to you in total terms. I am creating unnecessary troubles for myself! I can also go on teaching that old, stupid kind of spirituality, and the country will be very proud of me and they will worship me. But I am not interested in being worshiped, and I am not interested in India being proud of me. My whole interest is how to change this country's rotten mind, how to give it a new vision. But they will be against me, although what I am doing is their only hope. 

India needs to become modern, it needs to become more Capitalistic, but the very word "Capitalism" frightens people. They start thinking of me as if I am working for C.I.A. Foolish people C.I.A. may be working for me, but why should I work for the C.I.A.? But their mind is settled. Whatsoever you do, go on talking about Socialism and they feel good. So in India everybody talks about Socialism. People who are not socialistic at all, they also talk about Socialism because that's what brings votes. 

I may be the only person in this whole country who has the guts to say that Capitalism is the only right thing. I may be the only person in this country who has the guts to say that India should become more and more friendly with America and drop its policy of neutrality. That is all nonsense; that is not going to help India. It is only through American capital and American know-how and American technology that this country's problems can be solved. And don't be worried, Ruparahi, that if we make this country industrialized, more technolized, that if more technology and industry is brought to the country, then the ecology will be destroyed. Don't be worried. Technology itself can find ways to overcome all those things. Technology is the only potential means in the hands of man to transform the outer world. The outer world can be transformed totally. 

We can bring it even to a better ecological balance than nature itself, because nature's ways are very primitive and rudimentary. And what is man really? Nature's highest growth. If man cannot bring a better balance, then who is going to bring it? Man is nature's highest peak; it is through man that nature can resettle its own problems. I don't think that the future is bleak. The future is very hopeful, very bright. It has never been so before because for the first time man is coming closer and closer to a point where he can be freed from all work. Man for the first time can live in luxury, and to live in luxury is to be ready to move inwards, because then there is no hindrance on the outside. Then you can simply move inwards, you will have to move inwards: the outer journey is finished. All that can be attained in the outside world has been attained. 

Now a new adventure. What happened to Buddha can happen to the whole of humanity in the future. He lived in luxury he was the son of a king and because of that luxurious living he became aware. Because there was no problem on the outside, he could relapse into himself, he could find ways and means to enter inwards. He became interested in knowing "Who am I?" What happened to Buddha can happen to the whole of humanity if the whole of humanity becomes rich, outwardly rich. To be outwardly rich is the beginning of inward richness. And I teach you a religion which implies science in it, and I teach you a religion which is sensate, sensuous. I teach you a religion which accepts the body, loves the body, respects the body. I teach you a religion which is earthly, earthy, which loves this beautiful earth, which is not against the earth. The earth has to be the base of your heavenly flight. 

Source: From a discourse by Osho "The Future  - The Secret 16"

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