Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meditation, a necessity (A story of a wood cutter.)

There once lived a very strong hard working man, who acquired work as a wood cutter from a timber merchant. The pay and the working conditions were excellent and so he wanted to give his all to the job.
The boss gave him an axe and carried to work with him. On his first day he fell 9 trees and went home tired but very happy, because his boss was so pleased with his efforts. He was the first in work the next day and felt so motivated that he decided to beat his record and fell 10 trees. By the end of the day and after working harder and longer than the previous day he went home frustated and disappointed because he only fell 6 trees. After a restless night sleep he returned to work the following day determined to fell 9 trees and at least achieve what he had done on his first day. Once again he was the first to start chopping down trees, half way through the day he sat in a heat feeling exausted and dismayed he couldn't belive it he had only managed to chop down 2 trees, he just couldn't understand, he was working harder than ever and began to doubt himself and wonder if he was losing his strength. When his boss walked over to see him how he was. He felt extremely guilty and began to appologize and explain that he had been working really hard. 
His boss asked him one question "When was the last time you took time out to sharpen your axe?" 
He didn't understand. 
I didn't have time to sharpen my axe. I've been working so hard to chop down the trees. And so it is with life, we are so busy rushing here, rushing there, worrying wether we'll get everything done today, worrying what we may have to deal with tomorrow and beating ourselves up for what we should have done for last month and we don't take time to sharpen our axe.

so, in life we are also taught to keep trying no matter what...............
we also need to sharpen our axe to be in peak performance and thats achieved throught meditation.
it helps us to link us with our source.............

it empties our cup so that new information can be stored in it...... its like recharging our mental batteries....
There is a saying "How can i teach you Zen, unless you first empty your cup" which means how can i teach you something new if you already know a lot about it."

so lets meditate to change ourselves and the world.

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