Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NONI 'My Health Secret'

The story began when I first came in contact with a Doctor 1 year ago. Of course he is Nepali but He is different than others as i felt it from the beginning when i first talked with him. He is the one who enlightened me in the health sector. He brought the product 'NONI' in Nepal for the first time. And today I'm writing about it cause i've seen many miracles which the conventional medicine or allopathic treatment is unable to do and without side effects. And every one on this planet has tried to hide the secrets from the general public. And this product can also be the boon to all the people due to this product's potentiality.
First of all 'NONI' is not a medicine it is a fruit juice. And it has no side effects cause it is cellular not allopathic. It can be taken by a healthy person to be healthy as long as s/he lives without any disease.
NONI is juice extracts from the fruit whose scientific name is 'Morinda Citrifolia'. It is cellular product. It works on human body on this formula called 'ABCD' The first thing it does is it cleanses all the toxins from our body i.e. 'C', Secondly It balances all the hormones and chemicals present in our body 'B' Thirdly It activates the organs or parts of our body which is not functional at its best and Finally it acts as a immune booster defending from other diseases 'D'.
In knowledge of general people 'cancer is incurable disease' I also think that way but not any more. Cause this product alone can cure 27(the list is growing with the research) cancer disease because it works at cellular level and if healthy person consumes it s/he is not only cancer-proof but disease proof. Many universities around the world is doing research on the miraculous quality of Noni and it is also a researched product.
This product is not a marketing hype. Try it to see for yourself.
So many uses and application ares of Noni can't explain in single post, so stay connected..... rest in next posts.....
A small step towards enlightening people towards healthy living and to create a healthy world.

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