Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is Truth and Religion?

"Before I say anything more,
I want to say I have nothing
against beliefs.

There is no need to
change any of it.

But some get
quite aggressive
about their beliefs.

Some want to push their beliefs
on others.

Some want as many people
to believe what they believe
to try and make their beliefs
more real.

And if you have to try
and make something real,
then is it really real?

That is the beautiful thing
about the truth.

The truth is.

There is no need to
convince others
about the truth.

It simply is.

It is self evident
here and now.

So the words are
to point to the truth.
But words cannot define it.

Because then it is belief.

And in belief,
in my experience,
truth is often lost.

is seeing what is true
in this moment,
what is happening
in this moment.

Not what you think is happening
in this moment,
but what is here beyond the thinking,
beyond the interpretation.

Beyond all activity,
beyond all movement,
there is something here
that you are
that cannot be defined.

Once you call it something,
then we're getting involved with
words and definitions
and beliefs about
words and definitions.

And then what is truly here and now
gets traded for words.

So it is good to look
where the words are pointing to
and discover what is true.

To the silence behind it all.

And then that silence is the teaching.

It awakens itself from it's own
apparent unconsciousness.

And that is fulfillment.

So, I hate religion, because it divides people.
Without spirituality and morality in each and every person, 
peace and harmony is fruit of sky for this world.

Beyond the invisible (infinity)
"Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment."

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