Thursday, September 20, 2012

Positive Thinking

This incident is one of the moment of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's life.
Once one Sanyasin(that's what Osho calls his disciple) wearing a locket of Rajneesh (Osho) was taking alcohol in a hotel (bhatti). Another disciple saw this and became very much sad thinking that the disciple with the company of such great enlightened guru is drinking alcohol. Then he decided that whether the Master/Guru's teaching is wrong or the Disciple is wrong. He couldn't put it to himself so he finally decided to ask Osho about it. 
Then he asked.
Disciple: Bhagwan I've seen with this physical(भौतिक) eye, that one of your disciple is drinking (physical/भौतिक) alcohol in the bar/(भत्ति). With all of your great teachings and knowledge that disciple is taking the help of alcohol to destroy his life. So, I doubt your teachings or I'm curious to know what's wrong with that disciple?

With this question Osho Rajneesh became happy and smiled and he replied.

Osho: Brother, that's the difference between you and me. You view everything with negativity, with negative perspective. I see everything with positive perspective. You view even positive things with negative perspective that's why you are disciple. I see every negative thing with positive perspective that's why I am Guru. If one of my disciple is drinking alcohol in bar, that's not my humiliation; It is my greatness. 
You regard it as my humiliation but I regard it as greatness because even a person who is nonsense, rubbish, drunkard and foolish listens to my discourse (प्रवचन) and can be a disciple (चेला) of me this is a example of greatest achievement of my teachings.

Morale: If a person who have not reformed even with the company of Osho, how could he have destroyed himself if he got the company of bad people. 
जो मान्छे ओशो जस्ता सन्तको सङ्गत्ले त सुध्रेन त्यो मान्छे अरु नरम्रा मान्छे को सँगत मा परेको भए कती बिगृन्थ्यो होला त ?

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