Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Science behind jokes.

You need to laugh to be healthy the scientific reason is explained in my previous post here. So, why not create a reason to make us healthy. Jokes are the best tool to make you laugh because it is short and meaningful that even the busiest person can have time to read it. “It is better to tell a joke to a patient every four hour and make him/her laugh than to give antibiotic every four hour.” ~Dr. Yogi Vikashananda

 Following two jokes are more laughable when its read in Nepali cause my translations may not be that much comical.

रोगीहरुले कुरा नबुझ्दा डाक्टर को आफ्नै सम्स्या हुन्छ । बिरामीहरुले डाक्टरलाई बिरामी पारिदिन्छ । डाक्टरकहाँ जाउ अनि रोगीहरुले के के कुरा सोध्छन भने - स-सना कुरा सोध्छन् । डाक्टरसाहब यो खान हुन्छ ?  ए हुन्छ बाबा यो बाहेक सबै खान हुन्छ । यो हुन्छ त त्यो हुन्छ त भनेर सोध्छन् बा । अनि डाक्टर को जवाफ के हुन्छ त भन्नाले - यो पनि खान हुन्छ भाई यो पनि खान हुन्छ बैनी तर मेरो दिमाग खान हुँदैन यार ।  
Patient: Doctor can I eat this?
Doctor: Yes you can eat that.
Patient: Can I eat that?
Doctor: Yes brother you can eat this. Yes sister you can eat that. You can eat all things except my brain.
एउटा श्रीमन् र श्रीमती को कहानी, जे हुँदा नि 'नत्र' भन्ने । भर्खर बिहे गरेर ल्याएको ।
Husband: हे राम्ररी चाँही  आइरन लगा मेरो लुगामा नत्र भन्छन् बा ।
Wife (thinking) : भर्खर भर्खर बिहे हुँदा त लाईदिने के गर्ने डराए पनि  ।
Husband: हे राम्ररी चाँही  मासु पका  नत्र भन्छन् बा।
Wife (thinking): एक दिन त श्रीमतिलाई साह्रै झोँक चलेछ किन भने हनिमून पनि सकी सकेको थियो, अब हनिमून सम्म हनिमून के भाड्नु भनेर ठीक-ठिकै गरिदिन्थे । त्यस्पछी त हनिमून गैसकेपछी त हनी नाइत् (honey night), हनी दार्क्नेस (honey darkness) मात्रै थियो ।
 तर दार्क्नेस (darkness)मा पनि हनी चाँही गुलियै (sweet) हुन्छ यो कुरा याद राख्नु  । 
त्यस्कारण हनिमून सकी सकेको हुँदा उन्ले फुर्ती निकाले ।
Husband: हे तातो पनि उमाल्, म तातो पानी बाटै नुहाउनु पर्छ नत्र भन्छ ।
Wife: स्राहै रिस उठ्छ श्रीमती लाई: के नत्र-नत्र जहिले पनि नत्र-नत्र । के गर्नु हुन्छ तपाईंले ? नत्र के ?
Husband: नत्र चिसो पानीले नुहाउँला ।

 (translation isn't that much amusing so this best for Nepali friends.)

This is a incident between a husband and a wife.
Background: Both are newly arrange married. And husband have a habit of saying 'otherwise' which the wife was unfamiliar with.
Husband: Iron my clothes correctly, otherwise!
Wife (thinking): Just recently being married so with some fear she did it as he told her.
Husband: Cook the meat tastefully, otherwise!
Wife (thinking): One day, the wife became very much angry, because in the initial days she didn't want to destroy her honeymoon. But now the honeymoon is over and only honey night and honey darkness remains. But always remember the taste of honey is always sweet, even in darkness. So, the honeymoon is over and now she have some courage to fight back.
One day husband again commands her wife: Heat the water, I've to bath with the hot water. Otherwise!
Wife: She became very much angry and replied; What always otherwise-otherwise. Otherwise what will you do?
Husband: Otherwise I'll bath with cold water.

Morale: अतह कुनै कुनै भाषा बुझ्नुपर्छ क्या ।त्यो नत्र त्यत्रो खतर्नाक त थिएन नि ।
We have to understand some languages, gestures. The meaning of otherwise was not that much life threatening and harmful in the above story/joke.

Laugh heartedly and activate endorphin hormones to be healthy and happy.

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